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Nazarat Committee for the Persecuted Christians in Middle East
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St.Ephrem Patriarchal Development Committee has sent an  updated report for May 2016 (on the right is available the full text, in italian)

1 Support for families

The committee has distributed aid in cash to some families in the most vulnerable situations, so  to provide basic needs, according to these criteria:

• Number of family members of 3 or more;
• Average income not exceeding 25,000 syp ($ 50)
• A member of the family suffering from medical condition
• The family lives in rented

Total number of beneficiaries: 225 families; every family has been helped with syp 15,000 each month.
2. Houses Renovation

following the request for restructuring aid by two families whose houses had been hit by mortar bombs, the Committee team visited the homes to assess the damages severity; according to the assessment, the two houses were uninhabitable and the families did not have the money to support the restructuring costs, so the two families were helped as follows:
• 43% of the costs for the first family (850,000 syp)
• 50% of the costs for the second family (400,000) syp

3 Surgical operations and medical treatments

The committee has helped two special cases of two women with breast cancer:
• The first case: the sum of 225,000 syp for chemotherapy sessions
• Second case: the sum of 100,000 for surgical operation.

4 Easter party for refugee children

The Committee organized a party for 150 children of displaced families of Zabadani, city controlled by extremists. The party was part of the psychotherapy program to bring joy to the hearts of these children and celebrate the Passover, as they used to do in their city.

5 Distribution of clothes to families of disabled people.

The committee has distributed 15 kits of clothes to an local charity association for people with disabilities "Eman Nour w".

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