Nazarat Committee for the Persecuted Christians in Middle East
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In the Middle East, in the land where Christianity was born, the presence of Christians is terribly decreasing, under the pressure of war and persecution, who have reached the level of a real ethnic cleansing.

The Appeal to the Human means that we find necessary to safeguard the faith of those men, Christians as Muslims, for the good of all. This awareness is the root of our western civilization.

Starting from the will to raise closeness feeling to these brothers, in danger of death because of their faith, we have got the idea of making ‚Äča public event, in the Three Martyrs Square in Rimini, through the pray of rosary, accompanied by witnesses who suffered persecution, such as bishops or priests, or journalists.

Every 20th of each month, without interruption for more than a year, several hundred people gathered in Piazza Three Martyrs in Rimini, Italy. The witnesses have always concluded their speeches at the end of the Rosary with a phrase: "Pray for us." An appeal that could seem unreasonable in our contemporary world, so utilitarian, even in the face of utmost things.

Yet it has been never raised any request for aid, political mobilization, institutional pressure. None of this, though not as an accessory issue. These people, driven out of their homes, robbed of their property, threatened to repudiate their beliefs, did not ask us to take up weapons, to host them, to give them food, money or clothes.

They only asked to continue to pray.

A prayer that helps them to resist, without running away from their land, cradle of Christianity for millennia.
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